Generating passive income is a powerful , extraordinary and highly effective as well as a must way to create financial stability and freedom. In this blog post , we are going to share with you the exact right thing that you were searching all through the internet – 5 Super Easy Steps to Make $1000 Every Month, that too through various passive income streams. We will explore five easy ways to achieve this goal (there is a bonus for you later on, so don’t miss it!) not only providing you with the links to the relevant apps or websites that you need to visit to do so, but also highlighting the features and merits of each method so that you can properly guess which one most matches with your personality. All decked up?Let’s get started!

What is Passive Income ?

As per Wikipedia, Passive income ‘is a type of unearned income that is acquired automatically with minimal labor to earn or maintain. It is often combined with another source of income, such as regular employment or a side job.[1]‘. Have you noted a word in the sentence that feels odd? Its said unearned income, or which is acquired automatically. Well, to actually tell the truth, to earn money you have to put in some effort in any way ,because there is nothing called a free meal. But, what it does? It allows you to leverage your time, money, or resources to generate a recurring and strong income stream. Building passive income requires upfront investment, but not only can it can provide financial freedom and the flexibility to pursue other interests, but also give you the freedom of time!

Now coming to the topic at hand, lets discuss in detail the 5 super easy ways you too, like many other in the world, can easily make $1000 a month, but make sure to know that building something requires time and effort ,and the same is the true for this money game too!

1. Dividend Investing

picture of dividend investing explaining how it helps in making much more money passively

Now anyone who has even been even remotely connected or curious about the stock market world, he or she will know the meaning of these two words – free money! Not only does you receive free money on your stock bets, in the course of time, you also enjoy the sweet taste of capital appreciation! Double bonanza!!

Link – Any authentic online brokerage platforms like Robinhood or Etoro.



  • Earn regular dividend payments (almost too easy), providing a steady passive income stream.
  • High potential for capital appreciation and increased dividend payouts.
  • Accessible to both novice and experienced investors with various investment amounts.

Don’t know which stock to put your bet upon? Visit this article Stocks – 7 Must Know Wonderful Stocks For Your Future for the best trending stocks and why you should put money upon them (after your own careful research, obviously!)

2. Rental Property Investing

an info graphic of rental investing through which much more than $1000 can be made per month

Now, buildings have always been the favorite thing of humans, and although it requires ample amount of money for the initial investment, if you can afford one, afford it right now! The more populated the world gets, the more richer you will be through property investing!

Link : – Visit sites like Realtor or Zillow or any other authentic platforms available in your country.


  • Purchase residential or commercial properties and earn rental income. Common sense, duh!
  • If possible, choose properties in high-demand areas with potential for appreciation.
  • Do utilize property management apps like Cozy or RentRedi for super-easy rent collection and maintenance tracking.

Merits :

  • Monthly rental income provides a highly consistent cash flow.
  • As obvious, property value appreciation can result in long-term wealth accumulation.
  • Ample scopes of tax benefits, including deductions for mortgage interest and property expenses.

3. Peer-to-Peer Lending(P-2-P Lending)

an infographic explaining peer to peer lending and how making money through it is ver yeasy

As per Wikipedia, Peer-To-Peer Lending is ‘the practice of lending money to individuals or businesses through online services that match lenders with borrowers.’ Yes, it’s that simple and maybe a top tool among the 5 super easy ways to make $1000 a month. It’s not that safe a bet to earn passive income for a long time, but still effective enough to make into our top 3 list!

Link : Visit LendingClub or Peerform


Merits :

  • Earn easy-interest income from loan repayments.
  • Choose loans based on risk tolerance (low to high) and expected returns.
  • Online platforms hugely simplify loan origination, servicing, and payment collection.

4. Create and Monetize Digital Products

picture of creating and monetizing digital products

Now, how many times are we disturbed in our online journey by random courses, ebooks and other digital products by which online creators are making a fortune by selling those repeatedly over the internet, right! Well, maybe you can try your hands on that too!

Link : Udemy or Teachable


  • Develop and sell online courses, e-books, software, or digital art. Simply, yet not easy, telling you!
  • Leverage effective platforms that handle payment processing, such as Gumroad or Teachable.
  • Make sure to utilize marketing tools like ConvertKit or Mailchimp to reach a wider audience.

Merits :

  • Generate ample amounts of passive income every month from sales of digital products.
  • This is great – you can reach a global audience without any kind of geographical limitations at all!
  • Huge flexibility to create and sell products based on personal expertise and interests.

What are you waiting for? It’s high time to start one, at least a new YouTube channel , isn’t it?

5. Affiliate Marketing

the infographic of affiliate marketing where the entire process is given in the picture where making a $1000 a month is very easy

Now, any kind of content creator has heard this time over and over again in his content creation journey, and the most intelligent ones have actually made and are still making good use of it! The first step, maybe having a good loyal follower base is good enough to start, but if you want, you can leverage your people skills and earn good cash through this way! And let me tell you, it can be much more than the mere $1000 per month!

Link : Affiliate networks like Amazon or Clickbank.


  • Promote products or services on your social media pages through affiliate links and earn commissions on sales.
  • Choose effective products strongly relevant to your niche or audience.
  • Utilize tracking tools like Bitly or ThirstyAffiliates to track your affiliate link performance.

Merits :

Well, where do we start!

  • Ample passive income through commissions without any need to create your own products.
  • Access to a wide range of products from established brands.
  • High potential for recurring commissions (almost to infinity) through subscription-based products or services.

By the way, no link in this article has been sponsored by any affiliate company at all! If I want to sell something to you someday, I’ll let you know!

Now, since you have read this far, here is the bonus tip – 2 additional easy ways to make your $1000 per month!

6. High-Yield Savings Accounts

comparative infographic between high yield savings account and normal savings account determining the extra $1000 making per month

Yes, you have heard that right- you can also leverage high yield savings account to increase your earning potential!

Link : Utilize online banks like Ally Bank or Marcus by Goldman Sachs

Features :

  • Deposit your funds into high-yield savings accounts offering competitive interest rates.
  • Set up automated transfers to consistently grow your savings.
  • Do utilize mobile banking apps for convenient account handling & management.

Merits :

  • As the name suggests, earn interest on your savings with minimal effort.
  • FDIC-insured accounts provide security for your funds.
  • Easy access to your money through online banking and mobile apps.

7. Intellectual Royalties

picture of inteelectual property, a key element and way to make more than $1000 per month

Now this one is my favorite – if you are a creator yourself, and you can create some creative works which you can license in the internet, you are in for big and continuous income in the days to come. And in today’s time, this too can be a good passive income source for anyone!

Link : Platforms like Shutterstock or Audible


  • Create and sell stock photos, videos, music, or audiobooks. Almost anything sells!
  • Do leverage platforms that handle licensing, distribution, and payments.
  • Make sure to utilize high quality editing and production tools to enhance the quality of your creative works.


  • Earn passive income through ongoing royalties from your creative works.
  • Wide reach and high potential for global sales in today’s age.
  • Flexibility to create and upload content based on your skills and interests.

Now, there are still more ways to earn passive money! With the advent of AI, finance tools are becoming easier and easier to handle, generating more and more money for the one ready to persevere for the same. Make sure to check these articles 5 Free AI Tools That Are Glorifying the Financial World , Finance – 10 Free AI Tools To Skyrocket Your Earnings, Finance & AI: 7 Ways To Skyrocket Your Income in 2023, Finance & AI: 10 Empowering Tools To Make Money in 2023, and ChatGPT & Stock Market: How To Skyrocket Your Earnings In 2023 for a detailed dive into the changing world.


Making $1000 per month through passive income is highly achievable with the right strategies and tools. The seven methods discussed above – dividend investing, rental property investing, peer-to-peer lending, creating and monetizing digital products, affiliate marketing, high-yield savings accounts, and royalties from creative works – offer easy and effective ways to generate passive income. Each method has its unique features and merits, allowing you to choose the option that aligns with your interests, skills, and investment capabilities.

Make sure to start exploring these avenues, leverage the provided links to relevant apps or websites, and take steps towards building a sustainable passive income that supports your financial goals. Remember, passive income takes time and effort to establish, but with persistence, you can create a reliable stream of income that will effectively contribute to your self-esteem, your knowledge, your wisdom as a person and in the end goal, towards your most desired financial freedom.

That’s all folks! See you next time!

Until then. keep reading @financenfuture-com, keep loving, keep following our social media channels and of course, keep on financenfutring!

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