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In the world of finance, investing in stocks has long been recognized as a heaving pathway to wealth creation. In this blog post, we will together go on the way as to 7 must know wonderful stocks for your future, how and where to invest in stocks in 2023 to maximize your returns and most importantly, discuss the process of studying a stock before putting any money on it! Starting from Warren Buffett to Charlie Munger, majority of the richest people in the world has built their fortunes by betting on their favorite stocks! This goes beyond saying that the stock market offers humongous opportunities for investors to participate in the growth of businesses and potentially earn substantial returns.

Let’s dive in!

What are Stocks?

an infographic of how stocks work about buying and selling from retails investors and the company
Understanding Stocks – Picture Courtsey- Principal Financial

I am glad you asked it!

Stocks, also known as shares or equity, represent ownership in a company. When you buy shares of a company, you become a shareholder, and as a result, a member of sharing in the company’s profits as well as its losses. Investing in stocks offers the potential for capital appreciation and high end lucrative payouts called as dividends, but it also carries high risks, especially for the impulsive buyers who delve their money without gaining no knowledge in stocks at all ,as stock prices can be high volatile and if you are not careful, it may result in complete wipeout of your capital. (check out the case study of Satyam Computers here!).

How To Invest In Stocks?

(a) Set Your Financial Goals & Risk Appetite

Before investing in stocks, it’s highly crucial to exactly determine your financial goals and appropriate risk appetite. Are you investing for long-term wealth creation or short-term gains? First assess your risk tolerance because this is the most important step that will help you determine the proportion of stocks to include in your investment portfolio.

(b) Research and Analysis

Thorough research is an absolute essential before investing in stocks. Consider various factors such as the company’s financial performance, industry trends, competitive positioning, and management quality before making a decision. Both fundamental analysis and technical analysis can provide valuable insights to make informed investment decisions.

(c) Choosing A Brokerage Account

This is pretty basic – choose one of the many that you think is suitable for you (& free) before taking even a step into the financial markets.

a man investing into stocks through his tab
Investing in Stocks PC – The ET

(d) Diversify Your Portfolio

Diversification is a highly effective risk management strategy, especially a must for beginners, that involves spreading your investments across different stocks and sectors. By diversifying, you reduce the impact of a single stock’s performance on your overall portfolio. Do consider investing in stocks from various industries to minimize risk (allocate at least one-fifth into each sector for optimum results).

(e) Stay Informed and Updated

The stock market is influenced by various factors, including but absolutely not limited to economic indicators, geopolitical events, and company-specific news. So always stay updated with market news, corporate announcements, and analyst reports. Also, it is highly advisable to review your portfolio once in three months and adjust your investments based on changing market conditions.

Top 10 Stocks To Invest Now in Nasdaq

Now to the good part! Below are the 10 top stocks currently ruling or making substantial patterns in the Nasdaq market index to implode in the near future.

Disclaimer :- This information is shared for educational purposes and not to be bought just by my recommendation only. Invest only after proper technical and fundamental analysis from your side!

1. Apple Inc (AAPL)

Now this is an absolute must for any one – whether its buying an iPhone or the latest VR headset, this $2.8 trillion substantially moated company is an absolute must in your chart!

Traded Value(as of 26th June, 2023) -185.27 [-1.41 (-0.76%)] Volume – 48,088,661

As per an article by Investopedia,

  • Index Weighting: 7.49%
  • Market Cap: Around $2.85 trillion
  • Revenue (Last 12-Month): $385.10 billion
  • Net Income (Last 12-Month): $94.32 billion.

2. Dutch Bros Inc. (BROS)

As per this article by the US News, ‘Enter the rapidly expanding coffee chain Dutch Bros, which for comparison’s sake, is roughly 0.2% the size of Apple despite being worth about $4.6 billion. Revenue grew like a weed in 2022, surging 48.4%’. So a must second choice to put in some money now, ain’t it?

Traded Value(as of 26th June, 2023)- $27.64 [ -0.49 (-1.74%)] Volume – 460,187

3. Amazon (AMZN)

For any enthusiastic investor, there is just no denying this e-commerce giant!  It now also has a major cloud-computing business known as Amazon Web Services and runs the Whole Foods chain of brick-and-mortar grocery stores , including but not limited to Kindle as well Amazon Prime OTT. In short, buy this stock or regret 10 years later.

Traded Value(as of 26th June, 2023)– $127.33 [-2.00 (-1.55%)] with a humongous volume of 59,989,317 shares!

an arrow graphic over the increase and decrease of stocks in the stock market.
Volatility of Stocks PC – The Statesman

4. Citigroup Inc. (C)

This is one of my picks for a 5-year investment horizon. Aside from the fact of paying a healthy dividend ratio of 4.3% in these rising times of investment, investor legend Mr. Warren Buffet himself has started to buy it from around the first quarter of 2022, and as Berkshire Hathaway(BRK.A, BRK.B) currently owns a $2.6B stake in the company itself! It’s not seeming that much a risk now, is it?

Traded Value / Share (as of 26th June, 2023) – $46.24 (+0.22) Volume – 13,253,938


This is another favorite pick of mine! A manufacturer of Graphics Processing Units, a major demand for Graphics card in our personal computers to cryptocurrency mining, NVIDIA has got it all! As per a report by Investopedia, NVIDIA is known for its GeForce brand of consumer GPUs!

Traded Value (as of 26/05/2023) -$406.32 [-15.77 (-3.74%)] Volume – 59,432,192

6. Alphabet Class A (GOOGL)

I don’t think any young age investor could actually ignore this stock. With a considerable strong moat on Search Engine, Clouds and other services, Google should be the first choice for an ideal long term investor. 20 years down the line, and we can see its share multiplied to a factor of 100 if not more!

an arrow moving upwards graphic showing how good stocks increase in price over time
Top Stocks in Nasdaq – PC – The Mint

Traded Value (as of 26/05/2023) -$118.34  [-4.00 (-3.27%)] Volume – 33,969,897

7. Walt Disney Co. (DIS)

One of the highest paying dividend paying stocks in the S&P 500 list, as per this article by US news, ‘One of the most important things to consider when selecting stocks to buy and hold for the long term is a company’s management team.’

Traded Value (as of 26/05/2023) – $88.70 [+0.60 (+0.68%)] Volume – 13,132,684

Bonus Stocks – 3 Penny Stocks to Study

1. Ambev (ABEV)

Being a powerful campaigner in the Brazilian brewing space that has effectively carved a niche for itself in the South American market Ambev (NYSE:ABEV) is surely a penny stock to watch out in the near future. Another important point – it also holds exclusive rights for selling and distribution of Pepsi drinks across Brazil.

Traded Value (as of 26/05/2023) – $3.19 [-0.01 (-0.31%)] Volume – 12,337,121

2. Nokia (NOK)

Probably a similar name in the smartphone sector, it has a stellar turnaround in its business ,and being a resilient contender in the 5G segment, this stock is surely a penny one that investors should eye for the next quarter.

Traded Value (as of 26/05/2023) – $4.02 [+0.04 (+1.01%)] Volume – 13,297,347

3. Tilray Brand Inc (TLRY)

Although showing a negative EPS in the present segment, being a pharmaceutical company that primarily focuses on research, processing, cultivation as well as distribution of cannabis , this stock is surely a watch out to buy in the next quarter.

Traded Value (as of 26/05/2023) – $1.58 [+0.06 (+3.95%)] Volume – 11,069,981


Investing in stocks in Nasdaq can provide significant opportunities for high wealth creation and financial growth. By following the steps outlined above, including setting financial goals, conducting thorough research, and diversifying your portfolio, you can make informed investment decisions. But before putting all your money in to the market, make sure to increase your earning with modern AI tools , you are essentially well insured, both health and in otherwise; remember to always concentrate on your budgeting tool and stay updated with market news and adjust your investments as needed. Finance is the future , the most exciting future of the world in fact and you can always increase your earning with your investment strategies. As with any investment, it’s advisable to seek professional advice or consult with a financial advisor to align your stock investments with your overall financial goals. Happy investing!

That’s all folks! See you next time!

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