Gone are the days of spam ‘make money online’ websites recommending surveying websites and apps to earn only such an amount which could be written in only 1 digit! The intersection of finance and artificial intelligence (AI) has transformed the way we as individuals used to approach earning money online and building successful businesses within a few months. In this blog post, we will explore 10 AI tools that can help individuals leverage the astounding power of technology added with AI to drive humongous and of course, faster financial success. We will highlight their advantages, provide website or app links, and discuss their subscription fees, empowering you to make informed decisions. As we have discussed in the last article, ‘Finance’ is the future, and if you haven’t check out that post yet, surely check it out after reading this article.

1. Amazon Rekognition (aws.amazon.com/rekognition)

a pic of the logo of amazon rekognition, AI tool developed by Amazon pic courtesy Amazon
amazon Rekognition

Yes, if you haven’t heard of such a thing, trust me I too know the feeling but it completely changed couple of months ago when I explored the potential of earning through this amazing Amazon feature.

Features Amazon Rekognition is a powerful image and video analysis tool that uses AI to identify objects, scenes, and faces. It can be employed in various business applications, such as facial recognition, content moderation, and sentiment analysis. Face recognition feature in your smartphone doesn’t seem such a big issue now, does it!

Subscription Fee: Amazon Rekognition offers a pay-as-you-go pricing model based on usage. Visit the website for detailed pricing information.

2. Google Cloud Vision API (cloud.google.com/vision)

a pic of the logo of Google Vision APi, another ai tool developed by Google. picture courtesy Google
Google Vision API

Google too has come out with its Vision API quite a few days ago where as per their words its a ‘Game-changing fully managed development environment Vertex AI Vision that helps in creating your own computer vision applications or to derive insights from images and videos with pre-trained APIs,  AutoML, or custom models‘.

Features – Google Cloud Vision API enables businesses to integrate AI-powered image analysis into their applications. It offers features like label detection, optical character recognition (OCR), and explicit content detection, facilitating image-based search and automation. Whoo, right!

Subscription Fee : Google Cloud Vision API provides a pricing calculator on its website to estimate costs based on usage. Check the details here!

3. IBM Watson (www.ibm.com/watson)

pic of the logo of IBM Watson, another finance tool developed by IBM pic courtesy AiRo Digital Labs
IBM Watson

Now that’s a cool name for a AI tool right? Sherlock solves all the mysteries, but it’s Watson who writes the books, right! Well, this new tool from IBM is not much different from our favorite sleuth-best-friend either!

Features – IBM Watson is a comprehensive finance AI platform that offers a range of tools and services for businesses. It provides solutions for natural language processing, chatbots, data analysis and much much more, empowering individuals to leverage AI in their financial operations and gain a lot more on their investment value.

Subscription Fee : IBM Watson offers various pricing options depending on the specific tools and services used. Visit this link here for detailed pricing information!

4. Salesforce Einstein (www.salesforce.com/einstein)

an infographic of the salesforce Einstein model explaining how it enhances finance results step by step picture courtesy Salesforce
Salesforce Einstein

Hey, who are these people giving out these names, eh? Pretty cool stuff I must say! You must surely consider checking out this nobel-prize-winning-namesake-AI tool at least once!

Features – Salesforce Einstein is an AI-powered CRM platform that helps businesses streamline sales, marketing, and customer service processes. It leverages machine learning algorithms to provide personalized recommendations, automate tasks, and enhance customer engagement.

Subscription Fee: Salesforce Einstein is available as part of Salesforce CRM plans, with pricing based on the selected package. Visit this link here for detailed pricing information. Note, try the free trial first, you will be mind blown!

5. OpenAI (openai.com)

a pic of the log of open ai, picture courtesy The Indian Express

Now, by this time, we already have been friends with this name, our favorite buddy ChatGPT makers! Now, there are hundreds of articles how to earn money through ChatGPT, but what are the methods exactly?

Features – OpenAI offers cutting-edge AI technologies and models that can be applied to various business use cases. From natural language processing to computer vision, OpenAI’s tools empower individuals to develop and well as use innovative AI applications for generating hugely successful business. Its not any opposition on the thought that almost 95% of the companies in the future will be driven by AI only!

Subscription Fee – Although the ChatGPt 3 is free for all, it’s recommended to use ChatGPT 4.0 for much better and enhanced results. Other than this, OpenAI has various other tools you can sue to enhance the performance of your business. Check out this link here for more details.

6. DataRobot (www.datarobot.com)

a pic of the logo of datarobot, picture courtesy SiliconANGLE

The work is as similar as the name – the nomenclature gives it all up, in every ways! You must have heard that coding by human hands will be an obsolete thing in the near future! Well, now you’re about to know to know about one of such AI tool!

Features – DataRobot is an automated machine learning platform that enables individuals to build and deploy finance AI models without extensive coding knowledge. It massively simplifies the process of developing predictive models, facilitating data-driven decision-making enhancing your earning by manifolds.

Subscription Fee – DataRobot offers different pricing plans based on the specific needs of businesses. Visit the link here for detailed pricing information.

7. H2O.ai (www.h2o.ai)

logo of h20.ai picture courtesy shutterstock
H2O.AI Logo

Wait, what? They could have spared this name right? Or they are saying that like water itself, this tool itself will be the ‘other name of life’ in the near future? Well, it feels urgent to know about it right now!

Features – H2O.ai offers an open-source AI platform that allows individuals to develop and deploy machine learning models. It provides a user-friendly interface, powerful algorithms, and integration capabilities, making it accessible to both data scientists and non-technical users. So that days of integrations and differentiations are finally getting over, huh!

Subscription fee – H2O.ai offers various pricing options, including free and enterprise plans. Go now to this link for detailed pricing information.

Let’s catch a break! So, now I hope you are getting the feel why I said in the last article that Finance is the future of planet earth. If you haven’t checked out that article, check it out here now!

Okay, let’s jump on!

8. X.ai (x.ai)

logo of x.ai with the face of elon msuk on one side and a robot on the other, picture courtesy wgmi media
x.ai logo

Well, if there is one thing you need to know about this AI company is that it has been developed and founded by none other than the Richest Man on Earth now, Mr. Elon Musk himself! Well, if you are a time management rookie even 15 like him, you are so gonna love this tool!

Features – X.ai is an AI-powered virtual assistant that schedules meetings and manages calendars. By automating the tedious process of scheduling, it saves time and improves productivity for businesses and professionals, enhancing productivity.

Subscription Fee – As like all other AI platform apps, X.ai offers different pricing plans, including free and premium options. Go to this link for more detailed information.

9. Kensho (www.kensho.com)

pic of the logo of kensho, another finance enhancing ai tool picture courtesy kensho.com

The finance industry is growing at pace uncompared to the earlier decades with the rise of these various finance AI tools! Now, Kensho is a tool specifically made for enhancing the money making processes!

Features – Kensho is a finance AI data analytics and machine learning platform designed specifically for the financial industry. It provides insights, forecasts, and risk analysis, empowering individuals to make informed investment decisions and optimize their financial strategies.

Subscription Fee – Kensho offers free trial as well as customized pricing based on the specific needs of businesses. Visit this link here for detailed pricing information.

10. Adobe Sensei (www.adobe.com/sensei.html)

pic of the logo of adobe sensei , another ai tool that enhance finance operations picture courtesy Celerity
Adobe Sensei -PC – Celerity

Last but absolutely not the least, it was time worth a tool by Adobe, isn’t it? Check out this Adobe Sensei platform to enhance your business needs in manifolds.

Features – Adobe Sensei is an AI and machine learning framework integrated into Adobe’s creative and marketing products. It automates repetitive tasks, enhances content creation, and provides personalized customer experiences. The days of performing those same repetitive tasks are seeming to finally go away!

Subscription Fee: Pricing varies depending on the selected Adobe product and plan. Go to this link for detailed pricing information.

Ok, so you have read this far, then ONE BONUS AI TOOL only for you –

11. Aito (aito.ai)

logo of aito.ai 
picture courtesy aito.ai

You do the business, let AI take care of the data for you! Here comes aito.ai

Features – Aito is an finance AI-powered predictive database that allows businesses to harness the power of AI in their data analysis. It enables individuals to make data-driven decisions, uncover patterns, and generate predictions without extensive coding or data science expertise.

Subscription Fee – Aito offers free as well as different pricing plans based on usage. Go to this link for detailed pricing information.


AI tools have opened up new opportunities for individuals to earn money and build profitable businesses by harnessing the power of technology. These 10 AI tools, out of the hundreds out there discussed above surely provides a diverse range of capabilities, from image and data analysis to virtual assistance and predictive modeling. While their subscription fees vary, many of them offer flexible pricing options to suit different business needs and budgets. By leveraging these AI tools, individuals can unlock their potential, make data-driven decisions, and drive financial success in the ever-evolving landscape of finance and technology.

That’s all folks! See you next time!

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